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Film Fest Day 2: Of Misery, Help and Despair

Soote Payan (Final Whistle)

You let a horrifying human story of misery and despair come your way.
Can you simply go back to your well-arranged life and forget about it? Yes, you can… But you can as well (try to) help.
Without knowing what this overwhelming attempt can lead to.
What happens when help becomes a necessity? And the extent of misery and despair extends the power of human imagination.

“Let it go. You´ve got involved too much.”

The line between life and film is blurring on the loud, crowded and belligerent streets of Teheran. Where shooting a documentary could become the only way to make a difference.

A must-see film. Or reality?

Now, Forager. A Film about Love and Funghi

In search of mushrooms. And a dignified way of living. Desperately.
Fiercely holding on to one´s beliefs and passion despite the fact that today´s “modern” world condemns them. A compromise not an option? Help (not) wanted?

“I can´t work any harded. I can´t live like that anymore.”

Drifting apart…
Ever heard of honey mushrooms? No? Then see the film – to hear about them and more importantly about love.


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