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Film Fest Day 4: Your Story, My Story

The first Sunday of this year´s film festival took me to a journey of stories. Stories that could not be more different in their settings, but yet very similar in nature.

It started in Indonesia (“Khalifah”), continued in Italy (“The Grace”), passed through the USA (“Into the Wild”), went on to India (“Ballad of Rustom”) and ended in Argentina (“From Tuesday to Tuesday”).

Khalifah´s perspective on wearing the veil triggered a number of other questions around perception, prejudice, trust, religion, tradition…

Juan´s (“From Tuesday to Tuesday”) poker face is striking. His lack of reaction and empathy disturbing. But he seems to have developed a plan – a plan that will help him move his story in the direction of his dream. Being good seems to be a blurred concept in this almost inhuman environment, so what is right or wrong? And does the end justify the not morally right means?

The 10-year-old Antoneddu (“The Grace”) was on a journey himself. A journey with so many different fellow travellers along the way and so many at first odd things happening. But isn´t that the journey we call life? And haven´t we asked exactly the same questions as Antoneddu: “Where am I going?” and “How many steps until we get there?” C’est la vie!

Each and every one of us writes their own story every day. In their way, for their reasons, in their reality or imagination. So did the protagonists in my film journey last Sunday. And I was fortunate enough to “meet” them and experience their aspirations, dreams, hopes and actions which made me pensive, happy, sad and at moments all of them. The incredibly real magic of cinema at its best. Another two days left to experience it – off we go!


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