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(Not) An Ordinary Day

It´s with mixed feelings that I see my birthday approaching every year. Not necessarily because of my age [believe it or not I don´t think in terms of age yet (or anymore)], but more because of the all the question marks surrounding it. Not the bigger life questions, it´s the more insignificant, practical ones that bother me: How to spend the day? If I don´t celebrate, how to express this wish in a diplomatic way? What kind of presents do I wish for?…

I never really believed in and enjoyed my own birthday celebrations and I most probably never will. But what I learned for sure is that it´s NOT an ordinary day. There is no other day in the year on which I am asked to blow a candle and eat a strawberry cake at 6:45 am; I have my colleagues be in the office before me with a tasty self-made tiramisu, flowers, and champagne; I get the most sincere best wishes and lovely presents all day and get to meet and hear from wonderful friends from all over the world.

Birthday tiramisu and champagne in the office

Many thanks to all of you who find a way to celebrate (with) me on this day despite my often stubborn unwillingness to do so! THANK YOU!


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4 thoughts on “(Not) An Ordinary Day

  1. Irina ji, what a wonderful post! Personally, I really hope you enjoyed your day at work today! And of course I hope you could enjoy that self-made tiramisu:). Hugs, Lars

    Posted by Lars | May 21, 2013, 9:22 pm
  2. Dear Irina, so glad you had a wonderful day! Well, it´s definitely not an ordinary day … for your friends! because they love you and they want to celebrate this day with you, whether you want it or not :D. Good reason to drink champagne and eat good stuff like that famous tiramisu ;).

    Posted by Olivia Falkenstein | May 22, 2013, 7:50 am

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