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“Poor life is indolent
And expectation always violent”

Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire

Sadly or luckily, there is no way to measure human relationships precisely. Neither is there a way to predict how they would evolve over time. A pinch of kindness and two teaspoons of mutual interests do not necessarily result in a potential good friendship. Initial attraction and common or contradictory points of view do not guarantee a happy relationship.

Each and every human being constitutes a universe of experiences, feelings, emotions, habits… which seems almost impossible to get to know under time and engagement constraints. So, how to cope with this uncertainty? What we are left with to mitigate it, is our imagination and ability to make assumptions. Assumptions we base our expectations on…

Judging from his politeness, he must be a nice person…
Judging from her calmness, she must be very patient…

But such assumptions are seldom correct. And expectations way too often a slippery ground resulting solely from our own thoughts and experiences.

In an interconnected world with communication channels at our disposal like never before it seems even easier to get lost in a labyrinth of words and interpretations. I have been wondering lately if we are about to lose our ability to embrace people with open mind and to give them and ourselves a chance to evolve. A saddening thought on a random Sunday evening. By the way, would love to be proven wrong – any other opinions, assumptions, expectations?


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