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(Re)Discovery Blog Series or Embracing Vulnerability

Any experience, encounter, conversation or even just a glimpse can help us (re)discover ourselves and others.
This process of (re)discovering never ceases to amaze me. It can be triggered by virtually anything ranging from the enchanting smell of lime trees to a random question or surprising remark.

Seeing the world and our immediate environment from a different angle is an essential source of awareness, energy, and inspiration. The moment we forgo curiosity and ‘refuse’ to see people, situations, and ourselves from different perspectives, we stop growing – personally, emotionally, professionally… Stagnation or procrastination can be a desired state for some, you might argue. But this can only hold true until they (allow themselves to) taste the art of (re)discovery. Because when this happens, they can become more (self-)aware, thoughtful, understanding, perhaps even happier.


For my part I have been (re)discovering so much in the last years – people, cultures, aspirations, books…, myself! So many personal discoveries to share. And a daunting fear of writing about them. So, I decided to look at it from a different perspective and to start a 30-day rediscovery blog series. To me, one of the best ways to embrace vulnerability. And I challenge you to do the same – in your own way, on your own terms and at your pace. Rediscovery mode on!


About irinapashina

Marketing professional, blogger, group fitness instructor, reader, theater-goer



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