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(Re)Discovery 3: Home

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”
James Baldwin

I spent the first 20 years of my life living in an apartment with my parents and grandparents. It was the place I ‘called’ home for all these years. However, growing up in a household of dissent and in times of profound economic and political transition, the concept of ‘home’ turned out to be very fragile, both literally and figuratively. In fact, had it not been the tremendous effort and persistence of my mom throughout these years, I wouldn’t have learned and experienced how it feels to be at home. The feeling of belonging, of being safe, comfortable, and accepted as one is.

After moving abroad I gradually started taking apart my notion of being at home. It took me a number of years to discover that carrying this feeling within myself is essential for most of what I have done, do, and will do, no matter where I reside.

Interestingly enough, occasionally the wonderful scent of lime trees reminds me of Sofia, the city I grew up in, and awakens a subtle association with home…

Where do you feel at home?


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9 thoughts on “(Re)Discovery 3: Home

  1. Again, what an interesting topic! I am surprised; have seen you being really desperate about the whole blogging thing and now look at that!
    ‘Home’ (or ‘Heimat’) is an interesting concept. Seems that most people associate it with the place where they grew up. I am not one of them. I strongly dissociate from the place where I grew up. Every now and then, I ask myself – what is my home/Heimat? Again and again, the answer remains the same – I do have no Heimat, but I do have a home. And ‘home’ always has been and most likely always will be the place where I am living at this moment. It used to be Erfurt. Now it’s Reddinge. Were you to ask me now, I’d tell you that this is the place where I belong. I really don’t like the idea of associating ‘home’ with wherever my roots are/were.
    This feeling of belonging, of being safe, comfi and accepted, that you describe, that’s exactly where I live now. More precisely, it isn’t even the place that I live in, but the region I live in. You know, I don’t know anyone in this village. But I know (and so do you) that I can get on my bike, ride one kilometer further and I will feel at home, because this is where my friends are, where the core of my social network is located.
    That’s home to me.

    Posted by Lars | July 21, 2013, 9:05 pm
    • Lars, thanks for commenting and for all the encouragement around blogging!
      I am happy to hear that the topics resonate with you. Just like you, I don’t associate home with just a physical place (be it the place of birth or residence). I read an interesting definition the other day: home is the place where you become yourself.
      It’s often people who makes us feel at home, who let us be(come) ourselves.

      Posted by irinapashina | July 22, 2013, 8:09 am
      • I like that definition! It is very true. And you’re right, it is all about people. It is them and the (hopefully good) relationship we have with them, that make us feel comfortable, safe, accepted. And in the end, this is just where we belong, because that is what really matters.

        Posted by sharpxs | July 27, 2013, 7:42 pm


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