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Discovery 11: (Im)Perfection

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
Salvador Dalí

The notion of perfection has played an important role in my life ever since I can remember. A pinch of inborn perfectionism and education with a clear focus on perfection as an unattainable, yet the only worthwhile aim have shaped my personality and behavior.

Striving for perfection has undoubtedly been a powerful motivator for most of what I’ve done. But at the same time, it often turned out to be challenging, even detrimental to my endeavors.

I still remember vividly my second year at the university when I got my first B (not A!) grade. It was nothing less than a disaster to me which left me inconsolable for weeks… My ability to handle such minor imperfections has (fortunately!) improved significantly over the years. But I am still the perfectionist I have always been petrified by the mere thought of failure and/or mediocrity. What has changed, however, is that I started re-shaping my attitude towards (im)perfection – by venturing into new, different roles and activities, by challenging my perceptions, by embracing authenticity.

This is certainly one of my most significant personal discoveries. When I fall back into the ‘perfection’ thinking trap, I face it with my power of persuasion and the conviction that striving for development and ‘being human’ are way much important and worthwhile than aiming at perfection at any cost. By the way, I just realized that I had forgotten to enter the number in the title of my last (re)discovery blog post… I guess I made some progress in embracing imperfection after all 😉

How do you face your (im)perfection?


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