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Discovery 19: Something New

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Something ‘old’ is usually something that is part of our past. We typically consider it familiar, (un)comfortable, dull, lovely. It might seem to us better or worse than the present. It can be something we hold on to or want to get rid of at any cost. But the well-known ‘old’ actually started out as something ‘new’. Something exciting, perhaps even a little scary and confusing. Something we gave ourselves a chance to get to know.

When I face something new, I often recall a conversation I had with a flatmate from my student years. Enthusiastic as I am, I was telling him agitatedly about a new extracurricular activity I had just started and the brilliant people I had recently met. To my surprise, he responded simply by letting me know that he had already found everything that could possibly interest him in life. Thus, he didn’t need to consider or look for anything new anymore. What seemed a relief to him, was distrubing to me.

Isn’t discovering and immersing into something new what makes us dream, develop, re-invent (ourselves)? Will it ever be possible to have discovered everything worth exploring? I hope not! After all, the ‘new’ has the potential to become the greatest and most fulfilling experience we ever had.


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