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Tbilisi Loves You… and You Will Love it Too.

No, it’s not exaggerated. Tbilisi loves its visitors. Or at least cordially invites them to wonder and to succumb to their curiosity with all their senses. A good prerequisite for experiencing such a fascinating place in its many facets, isn’t it?

I just came back from a conference in the capital of Georgia. Looking back at two eventful and wonderful days there I can’t cease to be amazed by the gentle and creative sides of this city and its colors and contradictions. I truly felt ‘home‘. Not only because of the warm-hearted people, the great food and wine, and some other similarities to my home city, but also thanks to the subtle way it lets you embrace its rich history, traditions, creativity, contradictions, aspirations. It lets you be part of it, just as much as you want to be. Here is what I loved most about Tbilisi:


From the Georgian lady at the passport control welcoming me by saying thank you in my language to Salomea, Mariam, and all other people who made my experience in Tbilisi richer and more profound by sharing information and showing bits and pieces of the city and the Georgian culture. It’s rare and delightful to be embraced in such a way and I am thankful and humbled.

Food and wine

The intense color and taste of the fruits and vegetables all over the city, the smell of fresh bread, the wine shops… All inviting to unforgettable culinary delights. I love Khachapuri in all its variations!

Greengrocery in TbilisiA wine shop in Tbilisi


What amazed me while walking around the old city of Tbilisi is the variety of places, each of them unique in their own way. The small creative details making each of them interesting and worth visiting – the extraordinary buildings, unexpected change of architecture, the noticeably different ways of presenting goods and services. Even the old ladies selling sunflower seeds and peanuts had their own, sophisticated way of arranging their products. What more inviting and delightful could there be when it comes to discovering a city?

TbilisiA café in TbilisiBuilding in Tbilisi

Eagerness to learn

Speaking at the Marketing Kingdom conference in Tbilisi was a very special experience thanks to the audience which was one of the most proactive and inquisitive ones I have come across. The questions kept coming and discussions evolved into insights and new ideas. It seemed to me that the desire to learn and develop inherent in every human being is a driving force here.

Before my visit to Georgia the 15-hour trip seemed daunting, now I can say: it’s ONLY 15 hours that separate me from Tbilisi 🙂
Thank you, Tbilisi. I love you too and hope to be back soon!


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2 thoughts on “Tbilisi Loves You… and You Will Love it Too.

  1. I’m glad you liked our capital 🙂 I hope you’ll come back and spend more time here. 2 days isn’t enough to enjoy all of it’s beauties.

    Posted by Natalie Saginashvili | September 30, 2013, 10:16 am

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