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Film Festival Heidelberg 2013: Opening

“If someone doesn’t like you because you don’t talk drivel, then they are not worth knowing. It’s as simple as that.”
Frida, one of the characters in “Home”

They always get me… these festival opening films. They get me thinking and feeling… forgetting all the vanity, cold, noisiness around. This year’s “Home” was no exception.

Of course, I was excited and looking forward for the festival to start. I love seeing people on the opening evening happily rushing on their way to the venue, overhearing parts of random agitated conversations, being part of the wonderful atmosphere and sharing the passion for authentic film-making.

International Fim Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2013 Opening evening

But what excites me more than that, are touching film stories – stories that have the power to make us (re-)think and (re-)consider. Stories like “Home” where four very different people let us discover a world of honesty, memories, searching… and finding. We all have been confronted with some, perhaps even many, aspects of their journey and it’s eye-opening and moving to be a part of it. It feels so familiar and all four of them are so wonderfully ‘human’ and unique that by the end of the film you almost feel like sharing a cup of coffee or tea with them. The cup of coffee or tea that was accompanying and connecting them throughout the film. And while you imagine how you drink a coffee with them you start thinking about your own search for honesty, happiness, for the place you belong to and probably without noticing it you even start seeing it differently…

The only thing left for you now is to go and see the film. Highly recommended!


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