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Film Festival 2013 Day 6: Who are you?

We all have come across the fundamental question of who we actually are. Sometimes asked by others, sometimes raised by ourselves.
Yesterday I experienced two good film stories which among other very important themes deal with the subject of identity and self-awareness: “Class Enemy” and “Tangerines”.

“Class Enemy” seems like a well-known story of classroom rebellion, but it’s not. Far away from bias and clichés, it portrays accurately many different points of view in today’s education system and values without giving pre-defined answers. Awkward and challenging at times, it raises important questions around the roles of students and teachers, and other educational aspects. A thought-provoking film worth watching.

Class Enemy Film

“Tangerines” turned out to be much more than I expected. It started and ended with the question “Who are you?” with a violent journey of searching inbetween. The director Zaza Urushadze from Georgia presented it as “a film about war in which war is not shown”. Well, war is shown in its cruelty and pointlessness, but it’s not only a war film. It’s a universal story about the essence of being human – about understanding, empathy, forgiving, change beyond ethnicity, religion, culture. In my eyes, it was one of the most touching film stories I have experienced lately and definitely belongs to the must-see films from this festival. Watch it when you have the chance to, I guarantee it will move you with its human and subtle, yet clear and touching storytelling.



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