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How Do You Measure a Year?

“How do you measure a year?” is a phrase from a song which is often part of my cool-down fitness class routine. It always reminds me of our year-end endeavors to assess and analyze. While I am not fond of long-winded retrospectives and meticulous measurement of experiences, I do believe that looking back regularly is a necessary and useful exercise to reflect on what we have learned, accomplished and (probably even more importantly) failed in.

My 2013 consisted of 230 working days, 800 hours of sports, 160 hours of group fitness classes I taught, 250 hours of volunteering, 3 speaking engagements at marketing conferences, one work-related certification and five units of continuing education, 6 conferences, 48 blog posts. This summary sounds tangible. However, the numbers per se don’t mean much. What counts are the experiences and learnings. But more than anything else, it’s the people who were part of these activities and made them meaningful and enriching. So rather than measuring the numbers I would like to celebrate all these people who knowingly or unknowingly made this year incredibly valuable and unforgettable. All my ‘new’ and ‘old’ friends, colleagues, blog readers, conference attendees, class participants – thank you!

Author: Flickr user vistamommy; CC BY 2.0 license; via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Flickr user vistamommy; CC BY 2.0 license; via Wikimedia Commons

I wish you a happy holiday season with your loved ones and look forward to reconnecting very soon!


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2 thoughts on “How Do You Measure a Year?

  1. Waw! You had very productive year! happy holidays!!! 🙂 Really sweet post! :)))

    Posted by Natalie Saginashvili | December 24, 2013, 8:31 pm
    • Natalie,
      thanks for your comment and wishes. It has been an intense, but very enriching year. One of the highlights definitely being the Marketing Kingdom conference in Tbilisi. Glad to have connected with you there. Happy holidays!

      Posted by irinapashina | December 25, 2013, 10:00 am

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