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Zumba® Instructor Academy 2014: Notes & Impressions

Going out of the daily routine for new learning experiences is one of the best sources of motivation and improvement I know and thoroughly enjoy. This year’s Zumba® instructor academy at FIBO was definitely one of these learning events for me. Now that it’s over, I have been trying to decipher the notes taken and to summarize the impressions collected there. And I must admit that I failed in both. Some of my notes could not properly capture the moments of inspiration and made less sense than expected. My impressions were so many and so different that putting together a concise summary turned out difficult. One thing is certain, the educational event helped me replenish my energy levels and brought many new ideas and thoughts. Now it’s time to digest and put into practice what I saw, heard, and exercised. So let the fun continue… 🙂

Zumba (R) instructor academy at FIBO 2014 stage

Zumba (R) instructor academy stage, FIBO 2014

Zumba(R) at FIBO 2014

Zumba(R) at FIBO 2014

As far as the Zumba® fitness program and community are concerned, I owe them (and myself) a more comprehensive blog post which will follow after the ‘daily impressions’ series. So stay tuned and keep on moving 🙂


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