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Your First Try

Do you remember your first try in baking a cake, giving a presentation or playing an instrument? You probably do. It might have been funny, eye-opening, brilliant, embarrassing or a mix of these. In any case, it certainly was a key learning experience.

Twitter recently introduced a tool that enables its users to easily identify and share their very first tweet. I, like many others twitter users, was pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to re-read my first tiny step in the twitter space. Not so much because of the content, more because it reminded me how I felt – I was happy to have overcome my initial doubts and to have started something new.

I felt in a similar way today after playing beach volleyball for the first time. I never particularly liked sports played with a ball, always thinking that I was lacking the necessary talent (and height). So it was scary to give it a try. Fortunately my nice colleagues and friends* encouraged me to join them. And all of a sudden, I was standing with them on the sand court for my first try. It was not as awkward and horrifying as I had pictured it in my head. In fact, I enjoyed it, felt happy that I made the first step and learned a lot in a short time. I never thought that I would, but now I do look forward to practicing more and to the next game (as soon as my thumbs stop hurting… :-)).

Author: Thadius856 & Parutakupiu; via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Thadius856 & Parutakupiu; via Wikimedia Commons

When was the last time you did something new, something that scared you? Doing that more often no matter how scary it looks like at first will help us learn, acquire new skills, and find better solutions. Don’t wait too long, go for your next new experience!

* Mari, Aleks, Bryan, thank you guys for your encouragement and patience!


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