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Holiday Traditions

One of the things I enjoy the most in holiday seasons is celebrating (or breaking) traditions. I love the endeavor to forget our busy-ness for a day or two and to simply enjoy time with our loved ones. Easter is one of the most hopeful holidays I know. I always associate it with togetherness – a joint walk in the nature, long talks (sometimes heated discussions) and laughter. The colorful eggs and smell of Easter cake are also an integral part of the celebration.

The cold that I caught in the last days has prevented me from enjoying it to the fullest this year. Nevertheless I went for a walk and participated in backing the delicious cake which came in different forms today. Good times!

Easter cakes 2014

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today! If Easter is not a holiday that you celebrate, I wish you an enjoyable Sunday and a good start into the new week.

Easter 2014


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2 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. Nice writing as always.Thank you for sharing.
    This year I had this idée fixe that I wanted to know
    * When is Easter (I happen to know that bit) and who set that crazy date?
    * Where does the word “Easter” come from? (googled around but no good explanation; a rather silly theory connecting this name to “Ishtar” made it to the Internet forums)
    * Where does the Easter Bunny come from, how old is it (surprise!) and what does it signify?
    * Where does the Easter Egg come from, how old is it and what does it signify?
    * How about the Easter Fox, the Easter Cuckoo, and where did they go?

    Posted by hajovonkracht | April 22, 2014, 1:51 pm
    • Thanks for your comment, Hajo.
      It made me think about Easter in Bulgaria. The word “Velikden” (“Великден”), like in other Slavic languages, means ‘great day’. The Easter Bunny is not part of the Easter tradition there the way it is in Germany (I also had no idea the Easter Hare so old!). Neither are any Easter Foxes or Cuckoos. But the Easter Egg is central and so is the Easter cake called “kozunak” (козунак). I found this short blog post telling a story about these two and other family traditions with a personal touch. Let’s see what else I’ll find out (I think you passed your idée fixe on to me :-))

      Posted by irinapashina | April 22, 2014, 10:47 pm

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