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Author: Adi Holzer; via Wikimedia Commons

Author: Adi Holzer; via Wikimedia Commons

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted on my blog. It was a piece about my travel impressions from an unusual journey to a place I used to call home. The time after I got back to my daily routine has been full of emotions, worries, ideas, doubts, a few thought-provoking challenges, and many reasons to smile. It was ordinarily simple or extraordinarily complex… or something inbetween.

Days went by. Some made me feel so grateful, proud, and happy that I could hug the whole world. Others left me puzzled, discouraged and wondering why.

And today I am wondering why I shouldn’t dedicate a short post on exactly these times… called life. To the many people we come across every day, the smaller or bigger events we regularly participate in, to all day-to-day worries and joys, to the many decision we make on a daily basis.

As overwhelming as life might seem (and feel) at times, doesn’t it simply consist in our efforts to find our own way through different times, equipped with our experiences and attitude, and often thinking that we are headed in the ‘right’ direction? If heading somewhere is your main focus right now, look around for a second to see and acknowledge who is there with you. I promise you (and myself) to do the same and I am convinced that this is probably the most meaningful thing to do… today… and any day.


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