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Film Festival Day 3: Naivety and Betrayal

Another eventful festival day went by with an unusual western in the Hungarian Puszta (“Mirage”), a taxi road trip in Paris (“Tricolarum”), and two other moving films which I feel the need to highlight: “Der Goalie bin ig” and “In the Crosswind”.

Film Festival Heidelberg 2014

Films about “losers” are available aplenty and often depict a story using a slightly moralizing or pitiful undertone. Not so “Der Goalie bin ig”. I don’t even think this is a film about the loser Goalie. To me it was rather a story about losers… or more precisely put about people who have lost any sense of honesty, truth, and the ability to engage in ingenuous human connections. In a world of dishonesty friendship loses its meaning; lies and betrayal become the norm. A sad story or a celebration of ingenuousness? You’ll have the chance to decide for yourself if you watch it. You’ll also discover many more layers interweaved in this good Swiss story.

“In the Crosswind” was a very unusual, and intense film. Somehow it doesn’t even feel right to write about it. The words seem to diminish its strength of expression and extraordinary way of involving the audience in a terrifying journey. Nevertheless, I simply have to point it out here and now with the disclaimer that anything written about it can’t do justice to the cinematic experience. An experience of images, lack of motion combined with a female voice telling a story. All of this lets you immerse in the world of Erna and witness a human story of the horrifying cleansing of the Baltic countries in the 1940s. A story about love, hope, loss, betrayal, courage, survival, home… A must-see story.

Image courtesy: International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2014; http://www.iffmh.de

Image courtesy: International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2014; http://www.iffmh.de


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