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101st Blog Post and the Magic of Writing

This is my 101st blog post. Each and every of the first 100 posts here played an important role in shaping my thoughts and views. What better way to celebrate this fact than to write about what writing means to me and to participate in the writing contest How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life hosted by Positive Writer.

My writing journey started in my teenage years when I discovered it as a means of expressing my emotions. It was my way to process and channel what and how I felt. That’s when my learning experience through writing started. Since then it has taught me about (being) myself, about fear and courage, about life. It helped me see more clearly in a confusing world, set aside misconceptions, and build bridges. The latter has been one of the most valuable aspects of writing to me… that it can serve as a basis for building human connections. After all, aren’t genuine human connections what we miss and need most?


Author: MAKY.OREL; CC BY-SA 3.0 license; via Wikimedia Commons

It’s hard to describe how nervous and apprehensive I was when I started this blog. I wanted to express myself in my own voice. I wanted to write about topics and experiences that move me and to invite others to be part of them. Far from perfect as my posts are, there is one thing they have in common and that influenced my life positively. It’s the commitment to authenticity and learning that manifested itself in every post. And I did learn. A lot. I learned about home, change, listening and many other important aspects of life. I got to know myself and others better. I realized that writing is not only a way of expressing myself through words, it offers many other opportunities to see things from a different perspective, and reach new levels of understanding and engagement. Isn’t it wonderful to get to know another point of view and exchange thoughts based on a number of words put together in a blog post?

If I were to point out another learning aspect of these carefully thought-through and written posts, it would be the fact that it’s worth it. It was worth every word, every minute and every thought I spent for each and every blog post. In fact, it’s always worth doing something we truly believe in no matter how difficult it can be to start and how much effort it requires to continue. If you still doubt, stop and do the first or next step today. That’s when the magic (of writing) starts.


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