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The Only Option

“Paths are made by walking.”
Franz Kafka

Sometimes the only option you’re left with is to grit your teeth and persevere. To focus on preparing the next small step even if you don’t know how, when or with whom you can take it. Would we call that resilience, determination, patience? Does it matter how we name it?

Today I wish things would be easier. While I’m wishing that, I grit my teeth, remember the why, and look for the next stepping stone.


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2 thoughts on “The Only Option

  1. Maybe I’m simply unable to read between the lines, but I disagree. The one thing I learned is that there’s always another option (in that case to give up and to not persevere, I guess); there’s no such situation where there is only one option (think about the notion of the term “option”). The more important question then would be whether it is desirable to prefer one way over the other.

    Posted by Lars | March 1, 2016, 10:30 pm
  2. Lars, thank you for your comment. I’ve missed your down-to-earth remarks that are so valuable in showing a different perspective. You are right, of course, there’s always the option of not persevering. Interestingly enough it didn’t even cross my mind when I wrote the blog post. If I had thought of it, I would have included it and elaborated on it. As for the preference and/or the ability to do one or the other, that’s a topic of a whole new discussion and blog post.

    Posted by irinapashina | March 1, 2016, 10:38 pm

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