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In the wonderful month of May…

“In the wonderful month of May,
When all the buds were bursting open,
My love burst forth from my heart.”

Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine’s “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” was the first German poem that I read and understood in its original version many years ago. And I loved it for several reasons. One of them (probably less significant than others) was that May has always been an unusual month for me. It’s been hectic at times, but never failed to surprise me and compensate for all the chaos and bewilderment it caused. The impressive spring colors and odors, the surge of lively outdoor activities, the tendency to dream and ponder even more are only a few of the changes it brings about. This year was not an exception.

May 2014

My month of May was full of exciting news, unexpected challenges, wonderful celebrations, inspiring conversations, and quite a few learnings. Among other things, all of these made me realize once again how important genuine sharing is and how shallow and misleading our assumptions can be.

What have you experienced and learned this May?


Back in Action with Daily Impressions

Could it be that I spent the last two months without posting anything on my blog? I am afraid this was the case…
Could it be that I had nothing to write about? Definitely not!
Many of my ideas have made it to my Evernote app or to a piece of paper, but none of them found its way to my blog.

By Bilboq; via Wikimedia Commons

By Bilboq; via Wikimedia Commons

Everyday life has a good way of capturing my undivided attention at times. Or to put it more precisely, I haven’t managed to channel part of my energy to my blog in the last weeks.

Some of the long, intense days lately have been full of stressful, but also rewarding activities and interactions. Each of them generated many thoughts and impressions worth pointing out. In fact, doesn’t every single day offer at least one valuable impression which deserves to be shared?

And this daily impression is what I would like to blog about in the next four weeks. A thought, a story, an image… something that will grab your attention, pique your curiosity, make me think or wonder.

I enjoy blogging and all human connections around it and have missed it a lot. Probably this is something you could relate to. Perhaps it’s not blogging, but something else that you haven’t taken the time to practice lately. I hope this new blog series could serve as a daily reminder for you to also try and allocate part of your energy to something you love doing. Believe me, it will be worth it.

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