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Film Festival 2013 Day 2: “You Are a Dreamer, Aren’t You?”*

My second festival day was full of dreamers. Some fighting to make their dreams come true at any cost, others almost forgotten what dreaming was all about. But they all had something in common – the authentic, human endeavor to cope with reality in their own way. A way that could lead to fatal mistakes, serendipitous encounters, a failed togetherness, or to their own self.

The Princess of Egypt

The Princess of Egypt

“She is crazy. She is completely crazy.”
Is she? And if so, what went terribly wrong to make fear control her love to her daughter and ultimately her life?
A captivating film story beyond well-known clichés and expected patterns. And probably most of all, two genuinely depicted characters amidst a society of indifference and failed, self-serving attempt for help. Worth watching.

My Destiny

What do you think of when you hear about gypsies? Miserable sites full of barracks, poverty, crimes? Or colors, joy, big families, noisy celebrations? Probably both. “My Destiny” challenges our perceptions, lets us experience different points of view and be part of a simple at first, yet much intricate and important story. It’s so genuinely human that we instinctively turn a blind eye to a few rather naive moments. Or do they make him so special? A clear recommendation.

Bending the Rules

Films from Iran are an integral and enriching part of the festival. Last year’s Final Whistle remains one of the most impressive film stories. “Bending the Rules” is much different when it comes to the topic, but so similar in its uniqueness and potential to change. A group of young dreamers is working hard on achieving a milestone – a theater performance abroad. Admittedly, it’s much more than just a performance and throughout the film turn into a life-changing experience for many of them. All that in incredibly long and wonderfully shot scenes, almost no interruptions and cuts… it almost feels like sitting in a theater… a theater of dreamers. Will they choose to remain true to a friend or to achieve their goal? One of the most amazing films this year.

Bending the Rules

* from the film “Ghaedeye Tasadof – Bending the Rules”


Thank you from “between the years”!

Between the years is a literal translation of the German phrase zwischen den Jahren which denotes the time between Christmas and the New Year´s Eve. I do understand how the phrase was coined and that a similar concept exists in other countries. But that doesn´t prevent my imagination from trying to create a concrete image of this rather unusual time “between the years”: an image ranging from spooky to splendid.

Joking aside, it is a particular time of the year indeed. I hope for all of you the days spent “between the years” are more on the splendid than on the spooky side 🙂

For me it has offered the calm and space for thoughts, reading and conversations long pushed back. This seems almost a luxury in the fast-paced day-to-day life and often stressful holiday seasons. Admittedly, I didn´t manage to fully avoid the holiday hecticness, but reached a new height in coming closer to achieving it.

2012 has been an intense and remarkable year for me in so many aspects. I was part of amazing experiences (both work-related and private), dared to do quite a few new things that had scared me and had wonderful people around who shared the last 365 days with me either virtually or in person (or both). And to them I am endlessly thankful for the inspiration, support and understanding.

I wish I could give you all a big hug and thank you in person, but since this is not possible please accept this humble hand-written note as a substitute (the in-person hug will follow sooner or later :-)).

Thank you

I wish everyone a healthy, happy and inspiring 2013!

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